Run Production Databases on Red Hat OpenShift with StorageOS

Enterprises are rapidly moving to containers to develop and run their applications. Red Hat OpenShift is a comprehensive enterprise-grade application platform built for containers powered by Kubernetes. OpenShift lets developers quickly build, develop, and deploy applications on any infrastructure, public or private.

Ferran Castell, Product Reliability Engineer at StorageOS highlights best practices and the benefits of running databases on OpenShift such as improving developer productivity, reducing infrastructure cost, and providing multi-cloud portability.

You will learn:

  • How to deploy databases in production on OpenShift
  • How to implement automatic failover with High Availability
  • How to migrate a database into a OpenShift cluster
  • How to build a database-as-a-service with OpenShift
This webinar is ideal for anyone looking to move stateful workloads like databases into OpenShift.