Why your Kubernetes Cluster needs Persistent Data as Standard

James Spurin, Product Evangelist, discusses how the use of a Kubernetes data plane via the Container Storage Interface (CSI), could significantly improve Kubernetes usage within your organisation.

A key consideration for many Kubernetes deployments is the installation and use of a Container Network Interface (CNI) with Calico, Weaveworks and Flannel being popular choices, however, the Container Storage Interface (CSI) is often overlooked, resulting in a less-than-optimal use of Kubernetes.

Webinar covers:

  • Why the CSI and the installation of an effective data plane should be a key consideration for Kubernetes deployments
  • Opportunities for improvements that include multi-tenancy, high availability, compliance with encryption at rest, ease of use with GitOps and the transition of traditional and legacy workloads, dependent on persistent data
  • Live demo, showcasing the benefits of a Kubernetes data plane